Established and Profitable Website Is For Sale


    Below is a list of important information regard this website and its source of traffic and income. If you are interested in purchasing this website all contact info is included below:


    Traffic Sources


    Traffic is generated through: link building methods, niche related forums, article marketing, blogs,  wikis, and the

    current page #1 and #2 search engine rankings on Yahoo and Bing, Including Yahoo and Bing Mobile:

    #1 position ranking - 281 keywords

    Page 1 ranking - 360 keywords

    Top 50 results -  384 keywords

    (please confirm and check ranking for yourself on Yahoo and Bing)

    List of keywords website ranks for >> here

    Ranking screenshot by Rank Tracker >> here

    Traffic screenshots >> 2021 here, 2022 here

    All traffic methods are outsourced and sustainable I will create a step-by-step PDF for the new owner.

    Website is also setup for mobile traffic pagespeed and has a score of 98+ : see screenshot >> here (you can also just check for yourself through pagespeed insights.)


    Revenue History :

    Revenue 2021

    Jan: $1050
    Feb: $975
    Mar: $900
    Apr: $925
    May: $1025
    June: $950
    July: $900
    Aug: $875
    Sep: 1050
    Oct: 1075
    Nov: 975
    Dec: 925

    Revenue 2022 (so far)

    Jan: $1075
    Feb: $950
    Mar: $925
    Apr: $975
    May: $1075
    June: $950
    July: $1125
    Aug: $1175

    Sept: $1275

    2022 total:
$9,950 (thus far)

    Website Life Time Revenue: $ 21,225 (as of Oct 1, 2022)

    Payment history screenshots >> here

    Video Revenue Walk Through 2022 >> here


    What does your business do? is a pet insurance website that offers cat owners options on
    pet insurance coverage. They can get more info and a quote from multiple providers. Currently
    the website generates revenue through a Pay Per Lead program through and
    recieves $25 for every valid / sold lead sent to the company. The new owner can switch this to another
    company if they wish, there are plenty of options like,,, or google
    adsense. I have found that a PPL program pays best and like the 3rd party platform and payment options currently!

    Why are you selling this business?

    I like it and have owned it for a few years, i do not intend on selling it unless i get the value i feel it
    is worth, that being said, it is time for something else and i look forward to re-investing
    the money into another website or 2. (yes I am open to offers of website trades)

    Who would this business be perfect for?

    Someone that has a busy schedule and just wants something on the side to make some extra revenue
    Or a person that like pets and wants to work on the website and create other revenue streams.

    How can the new owner Grow the business?

    New owner can add more content to target more traffic.
    Target different pet cat related sales and services to website visitors. (ex. cat food, sitting, cat health, products, etc)
    social media, never been used for traffic on this website.



    Domain ( 5 years old)

    Domain Authority Ranking of 33 with >> check here

    Website files, source code and content, logo. PPL form setup,

     -30 buyers remorse Contract-     -12 month guaranteed revenue Contract-     -5 year non-compete Contact-

    Social Media
    none, i do not use social media as a traffic source.

    Post Sale Support

    Included 30 days email support. (if you need more time please let us know what you need so we can accommodate)
    website and domain migration to another hosting provider.
    code setup for 3rd party revenue PPL with envisionleads, etc.
    help with any website tech issues.
    pdf for monthly rankings and traffic methods used.


    New Owners

    1/ choose an escrow service for safe sale and website transfer ( ex: or
    2/ sign up or have a domain registar (ex. godaddy) I will transfer the domain to you.
    3/ Sign up with a hosting provider. I will transfer the website and set it up for you.
    4/ Sign up with envisionleads or another affiliate to sell leads too. I will setup the code for you.

    Asking Price $19,900 USD

    That's it, if you are interested in the website you can reach out to us via email at: or off the website itself!

    We look forward to hearing from the new owner :)